• A Short Documentary, December 3rd

    We would like to share with you a short documentary of Partnership and National workers helping in the plight of the Syrian Refugee Crisis. In October our team visited our partners in Lebanon with camera in hand. The result? Inspiring! Be sure to check it out! The film will be released here on DECEMBER 3rd.

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  • There are over 1 million Syrian Refugees currently living in Lebanon

    As millions of people continue to flee Syria as it experiences violent civil conflict, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries continue to see many of the refugees crossing borders to escape the violence. Our partner continues to work in Lebanon to help provide refugees with education and food supplies. Join us today to help the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon as they work to assist refugees who have left their homes.

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  • The Hope in Action 2015|16 Gift Catalogue is here!

    Discover how you can send a girl to school, give a goat, help restore a girl rescued from the sex trade, or spread the Good News up the Amazon. Visit our online catalogue today!

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  • Partners Passport: introducing a new way to give monthly

    You choose the monthly gift amount and each month your gift goes toward a different country in need. We will also send you a monthly email update and story on how you helped someone around the world. Travel the world with us!

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Our Mission Field: The 10/40 Window

Partners International Canada works with many great ministry partners around the world to advance the Kingdom of God. Our holistic response helps to mend broken structures and promote restoration, redemption and reconciliation. The 10/40 window refers to the geographic area that includes North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The 10/40 window is home to some of the least reached and resourced areas of the world and our ministry partners are working there to show God's love in practical ways. We have found that supporting and investing in locally led ministries and their national workers in the least expensive, most effective way to practice long-term sustainability.

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