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Why We Do It

Changing Lives. Transforming Communities.

Why We Do It 1As people of faith, we want to reach out with the hands of Jesus to touch people in need, bringing health, justice and economic hope to their communities. And we want to be the voice of Jesus, sharing the message of freedom and love that transforms lives for today and for eternity.

We serve in a world of disparity where a comparative few enjoy education, prosperity and freedom from preventable disease. Today, for example, someone living in Zambia has less chance of reaching the age of 30 than someone born in England in 1840—and that gap is widening.

The work of Partners International is focused on those places where this gap is widest. Places where a small investment can bring transformation to people in need.

Our values

  1. Identify and establish partnerships with strategic, emerging locally-led Christian ministries.
  2. We focus our attention on the least-resourced, least-reached parts of the world.
  3. Our goal is to work with people of extraordinary vision, raised up by God, to change the spiritual and social landscape and see communities transformed.
  4. Effective partnership is built on transparency, accountability, shared goals, and mutual respect.
  5. Partners International seeks to contribute to and enhance the missional goals of Canadian donors.
  6. Partners International commits to the effective and timely reporting on the use of funds to all contributors.
  7. Partners International seeks to channel the maximum amount of a donation to the ministry context while functioning from a robust organizational platform.

Why We Do It 2