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Yayasan Pinto Indonesia

YPI Ministry In Kalimantan, the Dayak people live in primitive, tribal settings along rivers deep in the jungle. They have no access to medical facilities...

ChrisFon, Pakistan

ChrisFon, Pakistan Partner since 2007 ChrisFon works among the Pashtun people of Northern Pakistan. The rugged mountain region has been a notoriously hostile place and deeply suspicious of...

Kamati’s Kids, Namibia

Kamati’s Kids Namibia Partner Since 2016 Namibia is a large and sparsely populated country. The capital of Namibia and where Kamati’s Kids minister is Windhoek. 50% of...

Association of Independent Churches of Africa

The Association of Independent Churches of Africa (AICA) seeks to establish healthy churches that liberate rural Liberians from spiritual darkness and extremely difficult social conditions, so they can experience a better quality of life.

Bible Faith Mission

BFM’s church-planting strategy follows the biblical mandate of holistic transformation, which addresses the needs of the whole person, both physical and spiritual. Today, BFM is a key force in the establishment and development of the Dalit Church throughout India.

Emmanuel People Development Society (EPDS)

The Emmanuel People Development Society (EPDS) serves tribal people living north of Calcutta in West Bengal. The ministry has initiated a variety of programs that meet needs and help plant churches in tribal communities.

Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba

Cuba is a land of warm Caribbean breezes and open-hearted people. Glimpses of the nation’s prosperous past can still be seen, but today most...

Quechua Literacy Program

The purpose of the Quechua Literacy Program is to express the gospel both in word and through practical assistance. Since most Quechua cannot read or write, Christian workers begin by establishing literacy classes in mountain villages. Literacy provides Quechua, especially women, with a sense of worth that helps them overcome longstanding abuse and generational poverty.

Haiti Christian Schools

Haiti Christian Schools (HCS) is a ministry to provide an education for children in Haiti that began by forming an alliance with three existing...


The Saura, Kodhu, Kondadora, Volmiki, Gadaba and Bonda Porajah peoples are examples of hill tribes in India that remain largely cut off from the...

The Holistic Tribal Mission of Peru

Mision Integral Nativa del Peru (MINAP), translated as The Holistic Tribal Mission of Peru, is the country’s first missionary-sending agency led by Amazon Indians. They serve the needs of the most remote tribal people hidden in the Amazon jungles.

Mahima Care Home

The Mahima Care Home is a Partners International, Kolkata-based girl rescue and rehabilitation home that addresses the grave injustice of sexual slavery, by providing a safe haven for girls under the age of 18 who have been rescued from the sex trade.