Support a National


The average level of support for a National Worker is around $500 per month.
However, we can combine support for a worker in order to meet their needs.


How it works

1. Choose to Support a National Worker Monthly

2. We will contact you to partner you with a National

3. Your gift will then go to 3 areas to help a National Worker:
Livelihood | Community Development | Capacity Building

4. You will receive information and updates throughout
the year with prayer requests and impact stories


Why National Workers Are So Critical

Our partnerships and development model relies on National Workers. A National worker is a Christian ministry worker who assists the oppressed, marginalized and broken in practical ways and tirelessly advance the Kingdom of God through the holistic power of the gospel, often at great personal risk to themselves and their families. They serve under one of our ministry partners knowing the culture, language and context of their communities.


13X the impact

The cost of supporting a National Worker is significantly less than other options, making your gift go much further.


Long Term Relationships

Even if disaster or war comes National Workers will remain. This creates additional trust within the community and the result is transformational change


Cultural Barriers

Understanding the language and culture allows our workers to assess needs appropriately, build relationships easily and even be granted access to otherwise closed areas


Local Empowerment

Communities are more likely to take ownership of projects which allows for learning, growth and leaders within the community to be developed


Our Impact

In the past year National Workers achieved the following:


This is taken from combining our statistics provided by each of our ministry partners and dividing it by the total # of workers we currently support. Each worker is unique but all make a large impact on the communities they serve especially in the areas listed above.



316 Churches Planted

2,179 Leaders Trained

318 Missionaries & Workers

10,532 People Saved

44,375 People Assisted

2,606 Communities Impacted

*does not include outcomes on $277,500 sent to Alliance offices

Meet Some of Our Workers


Meet Bhim Lal from Nepal

“We started the widow program by fasting once a month and donating the food money we saved to several widows we knew needed help. Still today it is considered unlucky to have a widow in your house. It is also taught never to look at a widow in the morning or you will have bad luck all day. We know as Christians this is not how it should be. God said to care for the widows and orphans. So we give special care to widows.”

Selina from Liberia

“”I oversee all aspects of the Linda Miclash Girls Home: purchasing food, preparing meals, overseeing homework, taking care of farm animals, collecting water and taking care of all general administrative tasks and financial oversight. I love these girls so much and I really enjoy watching them learn and grow. Every day I want to share with them the love and compassion that Jesus Christ has for them.”


Robert from Syria

“35 years ago, I fought in the Lebanese civil war against Syrians. I was 13 years old when I picked up my first gun. I was the same height as the gun. But God touched my heart and I began to understand God’s will. In the beginning, I was fighting them, but now He has shown me that we must help them. When God changes a person, everything around them changes. You start loving people through His love and not through your love The old Robert died, now it’s the new Robert.”


Support a National Worker and Help Build Bridges of Hope