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Supporting local leaders means that every dollar goes 13x furtherWe believe that partnering with Local Leaders who speak the language, know the culture, and understand a community’s needs is the most effective strategy for the spread of the gospel.

Global Impact

Your funds will have a POWERFUL IMPACT on the most pressing needs among our network of partners and the countries they serve in.

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God blessed us with the greatest gift of all when He sent His Son into the world, and we hold steadfast to the conviction that Jesus is the ultimate solution. With each gift you select from our catalogue, you are actively sharing Christ’s love with someone in our world.

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How we do it:

Every initiative is locally-led. Our leaders speak the language, know the culture and serve in their own or nearby communities.

We build churches and ministries that invest in the spiritual, emotional and physical transformation of the people we serve.

We work in some of the most challenging places on our planet. Many of our partners face persecution and take great risks to tell others about Jesus.

Alexandra’s Story

Alexandra is a single mother of three in Moldova. Her children are now the fourth generation to experience deep brokenness. Alexandra’s mother became a single mother after she was sexually exploited by her boss…
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