This Sunday (November 7) the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. In preparation for Sunday, we wanted to share with you a prayer we received from Afghanistan.

Believers in Afghanistan and those who are now refugees are struggling. They are being targeted and many of them are not able to work and provide for their families and are in hiding. Please lift up our Afghani brothers and sisters in prayer no matter where they are.

A Prayer For Afghanistan from Afghanistan

Thank you God for your wonderful love. That you have chosen your son, Jesus and that he came to us in the form of salvation. And we believe that he is here in Afghanistan and in the whole world. And we believe that when we ask him, he appears and is here with us. And he helps us and hears our prayers.

Lord, we also believe that though the situation is bad here in Afghanistan, that only through You and Your Son will anything change. We know so many people are now homeless and some people are orphaned. May the Lord bless them and give them hope that is in You, Lord. You are the one to give them hope. Also please fulfill their needs, and that they will have a peaceful place.

Lord, You know better for our country. And we are praying for peace all over the world, especially at this time in Afghanistan because we are suffering. But we believe that you are here with us. If all the world is against us, you are here. So we are not afraid, Lord.

Give us wisdom when are talking to Taliban or other religious people. Change their heart and show them and reveal to them your love.

In Jesus name,