Working in the world’s darkest places, thrusts Partners International into virtually every humanitarian crisis.  Our partners are saving people fleeing ISIS, and they are stopping the spread of Ebola. These interventions demand life-risking action. And long after the media and foreign aid moves on to new flare-ups our partners continue their heroic service. Right now they are confronting perpetrators of slavery in Pakistan and India. They are venturing into militia territories to help victims of mass rape in DR Congo. They are serving displaced people inside the Syrian border where few organizations dare to go. What a privilege to have this incredibly courageous network of partners.

We are not overwhelmed and defeated by human misery. Rather, our friends in hard places inspire us to do whatever we can to support their efforts. Their phenomenal outcomes spur us on with greater confidence.

Here’s why our partners do so well in the context of humanitarian disasters:

  1. Local people with local knowledge and insight make the most effective and efficient response. They know how to find that missing child and how to get food to that stranded family without an SUV. And since our eyes and ears are close to the ground, Partners International has great insight into what is happening.
  2. We work through local people who are personally affected by the human misery taking place. Evacuation is usually not an option for them. We know they are in it for the long-haul. They will continue to serve for the long-term to rebuild lives and communities.
  3. Our many years of learning how to make partnership work means we don’t have to learn how to ‘do partnership’ while doing good. Our partnerships are already in place, transparent and have a proven track-record.
  4. Our partnerships are lean. We get funds to their intended use rapidly without creating expensive infrastructure.
  5. We have a deep folder of case-studies to draw on from our wide network of partners operating in difficult contexts. Partners has tremendous depth of experience in sustainable and long-term responses to  humanitarian crises.

Your prayer and support for those at the flashpoint of crisis is greatly appreciated

Help Us Bring Humanitarian Relief to Those Who Need it Most!

From Kurdistan to Western Africa, people around the world are in need. The number of people impacted worldwide by crises grows every day, but because of our local partners, we are in a position to make a tangible impact amidst war, disease, famine and natural disaster. You can help us build our strategic Global Humanitarian Relief Fund so we can ensure that our Partners are able to quickly and efficiently provide aid in the wake of present and future humanitarian disasters.