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About Us

Mission: Partnering with local leaders in challenging places worldwide to build the church and transform communities in the name of Jesus

Partners International Canada (PI Canada) is a Christian International Development charity equipping the church, empowering women and children, and transforming communities in the least-reached and least resourced regions of the world. Through holistic development and Christian witness we work exclusively with indigenous Christian partners to resource growth and ministry impact.

Mobilizing Canadians to Connect With Indigenous Partners

We are a Christian not-for-profit specializing in holistic transformation and long-term sustainable international development.

Partners International Canada is part of a global alliance with offices in Australia, Japan, Singapore, the UK and USA. Together we work in over 60 nations in partnership with over 130 locally-led Christian agencies. Our long experience in cross-cultural, cross-border partnerships has provided us with the expertise to provide the right resources at the right time to ensure Christian ministry growth while maintaining and ensuring our partner’s organizational health and long-term viability.

PI Canada empowers local organizations that have a vision for holistic Christian ministry that impacts all dimensions of life. We work in many areas of mission and development, but have focused on seven primary operating categories; Children at Risk, Education, Christian Witness, Entrepreneurship, Health & Wellness, Justice and Women’s Issues.

What We Do 1

We develop long-term relationships and work through local Christian partners or indigenous ministries who bring the love of Jesus to thousands of vulnerable children, women and people groups. They are serving the physical and spiritual needs of poor people in some of the most remote communities in the world.

Through our partners we share and demonstrate God’s love in the world’s difficult places, often in a context of poverty. We feed children, help women start small businesses, develop clean water programs, establish churches that will care for entire villages and fight social injustice.

We offer Canadians an opportunity to mobilize and impact global change by sharing their resources in support of this important work. With over fifty years of Christian international development and holistic ministry expertise and by working with locally lead partners we have created a model by which we can significantly extend the impact of every dollar invested.

But global partnerships involve more than just giving money. We invite you to learn more and discover how you can bring Christ’s love to people in need in the following regions or development areas around the world.

Holistic International Mission

Partners International Canada has a growing depth of knowledge and best practice in creating and measuring social change. We carry out  international programs through over 130 carefully selected agencies around the world

We identify dedicated indigenous leaders with whom we can forge a shared vision. Then we enter into agreements with their organizations to reach their communities. Our intentional and exclusive focus on partnering for over 75 years with cutting-edge indigenous initiatives has powerful outcomes. Today we have a vast global network of brilliant practitioners and thought leaders in Christian holistic development.

We bring this to bear to multiply and measure impacts. Donors benefit from the efficient and contextualized approaches to Christian witness and holistic development that these indigenous agencies bring.

We are committed to best practice and are fully compliant will all CRA regulations. As such, we must have direction, control and supervision over the funds we contribute, though we do not exercise control over the local partner itself (nor do we wish to). Each local partner is an independent organization with visionary local leadership.

We invite you to learn about our work and consider supporting these effective partnerships that are bringing the Good News of Jesus into remote and poor places.

Our Mission

Mobilizing Canadians into partnership with indigenous Christian ministries to advance the Kingdom of God.

Transformational Change

Why We Do It 1As people of faith, we want to reach out with the hands of Jesus to touch people in need, bringing health, justice and economic hope to their communities. And we want to be the voice of Jesus, sharing the message of freedom and love that transforms lives for today and for eternity.

We serve in a world of disparity where a comparative few enjoy education, prosperity and freedom from preventable disease. Today, for example, someone living in Zambia has less chance of reaching age 30 than someone born in England in 1840—and the gap is widening.

The work of Partners International Canada is focused on those places where this gap is widest. Places where a small investment can bring transformation to people in need.

Our values

Partners International seeks to identify and establish a partnership with strategic, emerging indigenous-led Christian ministries to effectively proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard and serve communities in ways that speak of the transforming power of God in the hearts and lives of people who know Him.

Christian partnership is powerful in the most difficult, least resourced, least reached parts of the world. Therefore, we focus our attention in these places.

Our goal in partnership is to work with people of extraordinary vision, raised up by God, to change the spiritual and social landscape in their contexts. We work together to achieve a shared vision of transformed communities.

Effective partnership is built on transparency, accountability, shared goals, and mutual respect. Partners International will express these values towards every contributor, both Canadian and overseas partner.

Partners International seeks to contribute to and enhance the missional goals of Canadian donors.


Partners International commits to the effective and timely reporting on the use of funds to all contributors.

Partners International seeks to channel the maximum amount of a donation to the ministry context while functioning from a robust organizational platform.

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