It has been an outstanding year at Partners International, for which we give all the glory to God! Be encouraged as you read the annual report. God has done amazing things through you.

Inside, you are going to read about a flagship program – Adopt a Village. This landmark initiative is creating awesome stories of community transformation and groundbreaking outcomes among unreached peoples. In Adopt a Village, Christian couples move into an unreached village and carry out development projects and establish a church. The contrast between an Adopt a Village community and surrounding villages is like day and night. Adopt a Village couples are making a measurable impact on both a community and a personal level, as this story from Samir and Akhi Biswas illustrates:

“God is working. One family shared their desire to have a child. We fasted and prayed for this need. God gave them a child and the family put their faith in Jesus and accepted Him as their Saviour. The family prays together with us now. Another good thing was that we arranged a job for a vulnerable young lady in a factory in Mong/a. Now she is working and taking care of her family’s needs and we have seen the family come out from extreme poverty.” 

As we close this budget year, there is a critical goal we desperately want to achieve. We want to make sure that all 18 Adopt a Village couples in Bangladesh have the resources to complete their community development programs and establish their churches by 2020.

Samir and Akhi have the benefit of a consistent Canadian church partner but most of the 17 other couples do not. The gap is $80,000. 

We are at risk of having to send some couples home for lack of funds – just at the moment when they are about to realize a harvest from their faithful and often dangerous labour of love.

These couples have already improved the well-being of hundreds of families through savings-based finance. They have propelled thousands of children to a start they would not otherwise have had, through early education. And they have birthed many churches among the world’s largest unreached people group.

I invite you to help close the gap. Join the support team of a couple like Samir and Akhi. The average need is $250/month per couple. This amount provides for their livelihood and supports the preschool and other development projects they run. Just five partners at $50 per month would ensure that a couple like Samir and Akhi complete their mission. $4,500 will completely underwrite a couple until they finish their assignment.

We would be happy to match you with a couple like Samir and Akhi so you can complete the journey together.

For Jesus and for the Gospel,

David Hunt