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Luke McKee is the Communications Coordinator for Partners International Canada.
Worker at Brick Kiln

Help End Human Trafficking Today

Over the next eight weeks we will post images of hope and videos from the field, share stories of restoration and interviews with our...
Green Zone Security

Ten Years After the Iraq Invasion – Some First-Hand Observations

On the tenth anniversary of the Iraq Invasion, a wave of bombings through the country show how little has been achieved in producing a...

Kenya High School

Changing Times Centre ministers in the heart of the Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya. They have been established for over 10 years and serve...

Celebrating 50 Years of Incredible Partnerships

50 years of mission engagement through partnership has produced unparalleled results. Parts of the world where Christian mission had stalled or never made any advances have burst open under the Spirit-led and empowered ministry of exceptional indigenous leaders from places as diverse as China, Cuba, Brazil and Bangladesh.