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Renee Heemskerk
Traveling to remote places, hearing the stories of interesting people and becoming a part of God’s compassionate work around the world are Renee’s motivating passions. Renee joined Partners International as an intern and worked part-time with the organization while pursuing Business and International Development studies at Tyndale University College. Renee has traveled to 21 countries, had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of women and continues to monitor and report on all Partners projects and programs.

Human Trafficking: Moving People Out of Slavery

The 13 year old girl reluctantly crawled out from under the bed and took the extended hand of the police officer. She joined 9...

Human Trafficking: How are People Moved into Slavery?

In my introductory blog on human trafficking I stated some pretty staggering numbers. Approximately 27 million people are in slavery today. Up to 4...
Child at Brick Kiln

Human Trafficking: The Movement of People into Slavery

When Canadians think of human trafficking the majority picture individuals being smuggled across international borders into the sex trade. After spending time with girls...