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By: Erwin van Laar, Director of Development

I love thErwin van Laare stories that are within this newsletter – they never cease to strengthen my belief that the most effective way to accomplish God’s mission is to empower local vision. I love the stories surrounding our local ministry partners that highlight how they serve – reliable, practical, and sacrificial; men and women of Godly character, cultural intelligence and organizational competence. For some of us, we have met them in person and the stories are true.

They serve in many places where you and I cannot. These dynamic local partners combine a holistic approach to development that not only gives us strength and multiplies our outcomes but also significantly increases the probability for long-term, systemic transformation in the world’s hardest places. It is here, in the missional learning journey for followers of Christ, that we, the average church attendee gain our own knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for healthy cross-cultural partnerships. It is coming alongside and enabling these partners to become strong partners, capable to contribute to common Kingdom purposes, that we attain a very crucial goal of reaching the unreached.

We believe God is faithful, but it’s a necessity to show that we are not isolated in our understanding of things around us. It is a question of will and the question is – are we ready to invest to advance the Kingdom of God around the world? The real beauty of partnership is the Church in the west engaged with the Church around the world in a cooperative alliance and experiencing what it is like to be in community.


Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.

1 John 3:18


It is our prayer that you see in us a model of partnership that really works. Partnering with gifted local missionaries for the past 50 years, we have seen their testimony of faith – many of these nationals minister at great personal risk and sacrifice and work in areas of aggressive persecution against those who bear the name ‘Christian’. As we come alongside to pray with them and provide necessary resources, we know that this is still the most effective way to make a direct contribution to global missions. We are releasing change agents into the world’s darkest corners – they plant churches, they connect communities with opportunities for better health and education, they provide care for needy children and they stand for justice.

Being on the forefront of mission has been one of the blessings in ministry God has given to us. We would love to come alongside and provide significant value to others who have a heart to engage in cross-cultural partnerships. It is my prayer that within this edition of Dispatches, you will find testimonies of God’s hand bringing light into darkness. May they encourage and strengthen your personal journey of faith.