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Moving to the Amazon


There are over 10,000 remaining communities that are unreached by the gospel in the Amazon window. Our partner at the Evangelical Mission for Assist...

Happy Mothers’ Day


To be a mother is a role which merits honour, appreciation and love all year around. We show our admiration for mothers by way of flowers and words ...

Cyclone Fani


September 23, 2019 Update Earlier this year, Cyclone Fani, a category four tropical cyclone, swept across east India and impacted regions of Banglad...

Reflections on 100 Years


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship (BBCF), our faithful partners and friends. In the midst of the cel...

Encountering Jesus


As we enter the Easter season, I have been reflecting on the unexpected encounters that happened on that first Easter – the weekend when Jesus was...

Sustainable Development


My first trip to Haiti was in 2011, there were 22 of us on the trip. On our way back home we were taking the ferry back across to the mainland and e...

A Nation of Resiliency, Faith, and Family


For many years, Haiti has been defined by its misfortune and is often perceived as a hopeless nation. However, our work with locals in Haiti has pro...

Women In Leadership


Today — and everyday — we celebrate all that women have accomplished and continue to shed light on just how much women matter to our world. We h...

Hope in the Arab World


Partners International and the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) have worked alongside one another since 1994 — unifying experience a...

Persecuted Christians in Pakistan


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located at the centre of a geopolitically sensitive region in South Asia and has the second largest population o...

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