Bringing the gospel to every unreached riverside and coastal community







Thousands of villages scattered along the coast of Brazil and tributaries in the Brazilian Amazon  are home to fisherman and their families who can hardly survive off of what the water can supply. These riverside communities are only accessible by boat and are isolated from education, medical care, and the gainful employment needed to improve their lives. Many families are caught in a cycle of poverty and widespread substance abuse.

We have been working alongside our ministry partner, the Evangelical Mission to Assist Fisherman (EMAF) since 1986 — bringing the hope of the gospel and holistic development to remote fishing communities in Brazil. Over the years EMAF has reached over 1,000 fishing communities along the coast of Brazil and at the mouth of the Amazon. EMAF is now journeying into the Brazilian Amazon to reach the remote, unseen communities along the Purus River to  transform lives with the gospel.

Building House

Programs Include

1. National Leader Support

Missionary support

National Leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to the unreached riverside communities of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil. These dedicated men and women travel by boat along the Purus River to share the Gospel, disciple new believers, train leaders, develop churches and ministry bases, while meeting the practical needs of the riverside people.

2. Amazon Interior Project

Reaching remote villages along the Purus

The Amazon Interior Project exists to evangelize the isolated, unreached fishing communities along the Purus River in Brazil, and serve villages holistically based on their needs.

3. Sweet Homes Children Ministry

Caring for vulnerable children

Sweet Homes community centres provide fishing communities with a nurturing atmosphere where children grow spiritually, socially, emotionally and academically. Centres promote the health and wellness of communities, and supply children with basic health care and two nutritious meals daily.

Partner with us

To bring the gospel to every unreached riverside and coastal community

Stories from the field

My name is José Roberto Gonçalves, but I’m also known as “Melo”. I was born in 1970, in the southernmost tip of the state of São Paulo, Brazil (about one hour away from Ariri) and grew up on my father’s farm. I came to Ariri to study because we didn’t have a school in our
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