Teopolina Shidolo is a student at Mount View High School in the shanty-town known as Babylon in Namibia. The location of her school is a slum area where most of the city’s crime and drug abuse takes place.

I have known Teopolina since 2012. She was one of the first children who joined us when we opened up a Kamati’s Kids Afterschool Program in Babylon. At that time, Teopolina was a shy, sometimes disagreeable eleven-year-old girl with very low self-esteem.

We began working in Babylon because we wanted to share hope and opportunity with young people there. Our program is designed to change hearts and attitudes, and one way we do that is through scripture. Teopolina took our challenge very seriously. She began practicing what she learned through God’s word. Still, she experienced a lot of negative pressure from others in her community.

She would tell us all the ways her friends would try to get her to quit our program. They would tell her that doing drugs is cool. Many of her friends joined gangs, and most of them abandoned her because she stayed committed to our program. We tried hard to reach out to Teopolina’s friends without much result.

Hard work and obedience pay off. After some time in our program, Teopolina came and told us with excitement that she was picked to be the captain of the debate club at school. We were thrilled to see her stepping out of her comfort zone and being more involved at school. “You see, I am no longer shy and unfriendly like I used to be!” Teopolina shouted. God was working in her life and has truly transformed her!

Today, Teopolina is in grade 11, and by God’s grace, she will go to university next year. I sat down with Teopolina and asked her, “What motivated you to keep focusing on our program and your schoolwork?” Without hesitation, she said, “It’s because of the word of God you teach and the love you show.” She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Uncle Kamati, I will always remember Psalm 139:14. It says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” I know Teopolina will hold onto this verse whenever she is discouraged or struggles with her self-esteem.

I am proud to tell her story because I am a witness to the positive change in her life. At Kamati’s Kids, we want our kids to know who they are; to understand what they want to achieve in life; to stay focus on their school work, and to allow God to lead them in all of these areas.

Like many young people in our program, Teopolina is grateful for Canadians who love and support her. “The love of God connects people, even when they have never met in person!” Tepolina shared.The Kamati’s Kids’ Afterschool Program is a much-needed outlet for children living in underprivileged shanty-town communities in Namibia. It is designed to holistically invest in young people, making it possible for them to escape negative influences, complete their schoolwork, learn about Jesus, develop their strengths, and have fun.

Teopolina is one example of an individual who now has hope for the future because of the opportunity given to her through the Kamati’s Kids’ Afterschool Program to learn about the word of God. All children in Namibia and around the world deserve this kind of investment. You can make a tremendous impact in the lives of children living in Namibia by partnering with us today.