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Through our Sponsor A Child program, you can help children learn to read, feed them nourishing meals and provide adequate clothing. And you offer a child the opportunity to discover new life in Jesus.

Partners International works through local Christian agencies in 57 countries. We partner only with well-respected organizations that are able to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children and families. Partners International supports sponsorship programs in several countries including Brazil, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Nepal, Lebanon, and Haiti. Our partner agencies have an intimate local knowledge, so they can customize programs that respond to the greatest local needs and opportunities.

Sponsored kids are told about the Good News of Jesus, and are also given what they need to reach their God-given potential and escape a life of poverty. These children grow up to be healthy and educated contributors that transform families and whole communities.

Child sponsors meet physical and spiritual needs!

“O God, why did you give me this burden,” cried Sraboni’s poor, widowed mother. In parts of West Bengal, India, girls are considered a drain on family resources. Often they are quietly killed. Instead, compassionate Christian workers offered to help the struggling family. Sraboni was enrolled in our Sponsor a Child program where she received tuition for the government school.

Compassionate Christian workers offered to help the struggling family…

The gift of education provided the family hope for the future. Since then, mother and daughter have come to Christ. Sraboni has grown into a young lady, and a once-desperate mother can now say that she is “God’s greatest gift to me.

The Sponsor a Child program can completely alter the direction of the life of an impoverished child. Sraboni’s story is one that is multiplied several times over across our ministry partners who bring hope and life to the children.

Meet Some of the Children that Need Sponsors

Arav Narjinary

Partner: Duars Rural Development Project

Birthday: May 28.

Arav is 5 years old. He comes from a poor family. His father works as a daily laborer and his mother is a housewife. His father does not make enough to support his family. Arav’s parents find it difficult to pay for his school fees. Arav is doing good in his studies and likes to draw.

Shiya Oraon

Partner: Duars Rural Development Project

Birthday:  August 25.

Shiya comes from a poor family. Her father is a daily laborer and does not have a steady income. Shiya is a good student who is great a studying. But, her family is finding it hard to keep her in school. Shiya wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Amit Munda

Partner: Emmanuel Ministries

Birthday: August 3.

Amit comes from a poor family. His father is a laborer and his mother is a housewife. His parents don’t have enough money to pay for Amit’s school fees and supplies. Amit is doing well in school and enjoys playing, reading and listening to Bible stories.

Lyelton Cabral Rodrigues

Partner: Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen

Birthday December, 13

Lyelton’s parents divorced when he was very young, He moved in with his mother and maternal grandparents after the separation. His brother remained with his father, which has caused stress on the children. He receives tutoring through the ‘My Little Fish Program’. Lyelton likes to play soccer.

Become a child sponsor

As a sponsor, you can bring hope to these children. Your monthly child sponsorship pledge of $45 provides such things as tuition, uniforms, school supplies, meals and other special programs.

As a sponsor, you receive a portfolio that includes your child’s photograph and background information about the program in his or her community. You will also receive two letters and a Christmas greeting from your new cross-cultural friend each year.

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