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Country Haiti


Empowering future generations through education and development programs. 





Haiti is a resilient nation, where people have endured years of political instability, natural disaster, and economic hardship – all the while remaining strong spirited. Among the nation’s adversities exists low levels of education. Few families are able to afford their children an education and even less in rural areas, like the island of La Gonâve.

Our work in Haiti focuses on empowering future generations as we work hand-in-hand with our partner, Haiti Christian Schools (HCS), on the island of La Gonâve. Our partnership ties together quality education, exceptional training, and a food assistance program to ensure generational progression and hope for the future.

Programs Include

1. Education

Educating students for success

HCS provides hundreds of Haitian children with a quality education and affords them bright and sustainable futures. Students learn Christian morals and principles as well as core academic subjects. HCS makes a huge difference in the lives of its students, who live in a difficult and impoverished context.’

2. Vocational Training

Providing skills for sustainability

This hands-on training bridges the gap between formal and academic training in the classroom as it focuses on skill building for the working world. Vocational training creates opportunities for employment and helps eliminate the struggles that exist because of poverty in Haitian communities.

3. Teacher Training

Equipping teachers in excellence

Empowering Haitian teachers to transform their society through training that covers curriculum development, student engagement and classroom preparation. Trainings are equipping teachers with the know-how to care for their students and deliver quality education.

4. Food Assistance Program

Feeding children in Haiti

A feeding program that provides 1 nutritious meal a day for the students of Haiti Christian Schools.


Partner with us

to creating real change through education in a place where poverty is rampant.

Stories from the field

Wendy Thiessen is our Project Development Coordinator with our ministry partner, Haiti Christian Schools. Throughout the year, Wendy leads Discovery Trip teams down to Haiti to assist and witness the work God is doing in the country. She has recently returned from a trip to the country and shares with us how her perceptions of aid
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