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Beginning of Life – MOBL


About this donation

The Beginning of Life Aftercare centre is the only one of its kind in the nation. Women who are liberated from sex slavery and returned to Moldova are often rejected by their families and are left with serious health and psychological problems. These are problems that can only be addressed by an extended stay in the care home (each stay normally lasts a year, but can be extended as necessary).

When they enter the care home, Beginning of Life—in cooperation with the national police force and government—conducts a complete evaluation of each woman and then develops an appropriate, individualized response. Beginning of Life believes in an emotional and spiritual healing approach that is notably different from other institutions. The group also provides shelter and relevant vocational training, which allows the women to transition back into an independent life with enough support to be successful. Many graduates have gone on to find successful jobs and marriages.

The program is run by a team of Christian professionals and dedicated care staff working at a government registered, internationally recognized agency. All clients in the Beginning of Life restoration programs are gaining an education, spiritual support and relevant vocational skills. If you have a heart for helping these victims of sexual slavery, send a gift designated for the Beginning of Life program today.

With your help, we believe that human trafficking can be stopped and hope can be offered to the people of Moldova. A gift to Partners International’s Beginning of Life program restores the dignity that has been stolen and provides victims of trafficking with a new life.

Tax receipts will be issued for gifts of $10 or more.