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Consejo Nacional de Pastores y Lideres Evangelicos Indígenas (CONPLEI) – BRCO


About this donation

Reaching Brazil’s hidden tribes of the Amazon

The tribal people of the Amazon Basin have been exploited by the majority population for hundreds of years. Most indigenous people live in absolute poverty, without the hope of a better life for their children. Drug trafficking, unscrupulous business practices and rampant diseases are now threating the very survival of some of these tribal groups.

Consejo Nacional de Pastores y Lideres Evangelicos Indígenas (CONPLEI) — translated as National Board of Indigenous Pastors and Leaders of Brazil — is a missionary-sending agency, led by indigenous people who have a goal of reaching the tribal people of the Amazon Basin.

  • CONPLEI evangelists take the gospel to the hidden tribes of the Brazilian Amazon.
  • CONPLEI trains indigenous people in theology and ministry skills needed to serve their own people.
  • Missionaries are supported as they work in teams to contact people groups and build relationships with tribal people who typically are very wary of outsiders.
  • One of the first ways that workers can serve indigenous people is to help address urgent physical needs in a village. Workers provide education on health, hygiene and substance abuse as well as helping them to establish income-generating activities.
  • Helping with physical needs builds trust, shows God’s love and opens doors for church planters to use a storytelling approach to share the gospel in these non-literate cultures. As tribal people begin to follow Jesus, missionaries help them form small study groups and churches.

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