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Evangelizers’ Team Ministries International (TETMI) – NIAE


About this donation

The largely forgotten Ibo-Edda people in southeastern Nigeria live as impoverished subsistence farmers. Typically, their villages do not have schools, so children work in the fields and seldom learn to read and write. Harmful traditional initiation rites make community members extremely vulnerable to diseases such as HIV and AIDS. The people in this region have no history of gospel witness.

A strategy for community transformation

The Evangelizers’ Team Ministries International (TETMI) serves the unreached rural people of Nigeria. They have responded to the needs of the neglected Ibo-Edda people with a holistic strategy that includes church planting, education and community development.

  • The ministry’s 21 evangelists have established 21 churches in the region’s 152 villages.
  • The region’s first school was established by TETMI at Akaeze-Ukwu. Since then two more primary schools and a high school have been built. There are now over 1,200 children and young people enrolled in TETMI schools. Through the work of the school staff, many families have decided to follow Jesus.
  • Community development projects, such as drilling borehole wells to provide clean water and a clinic now under construction are an important part of the work in these poor and remote villages.
  • The ministry trains full-time staff and teams of lay Christians who are reaching new villages.

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