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Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) – LEFE


About this donation

The small nation of Lebanon sits at the crossroads of the Middle East. With its strategic location and religious freedom, the country enjoys great influence across the Arab world. And Lebanon’s history of conflict and violence makes residents open to a message of peace and love.

Winning and training Christians to reach their neighbours

The Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) is impacting the Middle East and North Africa region in a variety of ways.

  • FEAL has 9 missionaries in Lebanon that serve Iraqi refugees, the Druse, Shiite Muslims and Lebanese. These workers are planting churches and house churches and carry out a variety of ministries.
  • Under the direction of Alain Farhat, the ministry serves abandoned girls among the Druse population at the Beit El Safa Home for Girls.
  • Summer camping programs reach children in the surrounding communities at the same site as well as providing training for churches and leaders.
  • FEAL has missionaries working in difficult contexts in Syria,Jordan, Egypt and Sudan
  • FEAL is training leaders for the church and missions at its Bible Schools in Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Compassionate relief efforts are being provided to displaced people and refugees throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

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