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Good Friends of Nepal’s (GFN) – NEGF


About this donation

Hope for one of the world’s poorest countries

In the former Hindu Kingdom of Nepal, Hinduism permeates every aspect of life. This country of 31 million is the fifth poorest nation outside of Africa. The nation endures a protracted conflict between the army and Maoist rebels and is decaying under a government stalemate lasting three years during which there has been no constitution or sitting parliament.

Good news and practical love for mountain villages

Good Friends of Nepal’s (GFN) 70 workers serve the remote and mountainous villages where Christians are often persecuted. As GFN has nurtured communities of believers the GFN network has grown from 45 to over 200 churches since 1995. Staff demonstrate the love of Christ as they serve the physical needs of the vulnerable residents.

  • The organization uses a unique program called “Master Harvester Training” that incorporates discipleship and community development skills to equip their staff to plant churches among Nepal’s unreached people groups. A survey of the nation’s 103 ethnic groups guides this initiative. Presently they work in 30 districts of Nepal.
  • GFN workers equip selected women with income-generating technology such as tailoring, candle-making, gift-making and biotechnology so they can establish self-help groups to serve people of all faiths in their villages.
  • GFN also has an animal enterprise program that protects families who are vulnerable to child-trafficking by improving their livelihoods.
  • To care for the most desperate cases of child abandonment, GFN operates two hostels for vulnerable children and orphans. In addition, the ministry supports 54 needy children in the context of their rural villages.
  • Widows in Nepal are held responsible for their husband’s death and are made destitute. GFN supports 50 particularly vulnerable and elderly widows.

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