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Help Syrian Refugees


About this donation

Since 2011, violent civil conflict in the country of Syria has caused millions of people to fear for the lives. As a result of this violent conflict, over four million men, women and children have fled the country with concerns for their safety. Since the conflict’s beginning in 2011, we also know that over seven million people are currently displaced within their own country. The majority of the displaced people have migrated across borders, with over 1.6 million currently residing in Turkey, and a further 1.1 million currently registered as refugees in Lebanon. Middle Eastern countries such as Jordan, Iraq and Egypt have all taken on a great amount of displaced persons as well. As the conflict in Syria has increased, many are attempting to enter Europe through a variety of highly dangerous methods. As countries are struggling to help those who have left their homes, help is needed as millions are looking to build a sense of stability amongst a sea of confusion.

Are We Helping?

Absolutely. Our ministry partner, the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) has been working in the country to promote long-term, holistic transformation to those who have lost their homes. FEAL has been working in the region since 1994 and in 2011 began to focus heavily on helping those entering the country from Syria. FEAL currently is able to operate safely in Syrian refugee camps to provide basic food and water supplies, as well as other short term relief supplies. More importantly though, FEAL is working to partner with refugee families to help provide them with the methods to achieve stability and find their footing in a new country. By providing transitional housing as well as education and skills training, refugee families are able to develop skills and receive supplies that will help them to begin to create a new home. FEAL calls it the Oasis Project. It is designed to directly help refugees that not only need a new country, but a new home.

How Can You Join Us in Helping?

Get involved! You can directly partner with the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon to help them provide various services to incoming refugees. In a world that is currently looking for answers, FEAL is taking action to help families ensure that their children do not grow up in refugee camps. Youcan find out more about the work that FEAL is doing in the region by visiting their page, which you can locate by clicking here. Looking to get directly in contact with us to ask more questions? You can find out how to contact us directly by visiting the “Contact Us” section of the website, we would love to tell you more about the wonderful work our partner is doing! If you feel moved to take action to help, you can donate to the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon by visiting here.

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