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Kamati’s Kids Namibia


About this donation

Namibia is a large and sparsely populated country. The capital of Namibia and where Kamati’s Kids minister is Windhoek. 50% of the population of Windhoek live in shanty towns surrounding the city and many struggle to meet their daily needs.

The vision of Kamati’s Kids is: “Inspiring and equipping vulnerable children to shape their future and give back to their communities.” Programs support the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional development of youth. After-school programs include tutoring, sports, feeding ministry, and spiritual mentoring.

Some projects of Kamati’s Kids:

Backpacks: A practical way to extend ministry to the most needy is to provide packs filled with school supplies for students who can scarcely afford to attend school. We assemble the packs with locally purchased supplies in Namibia which also provides income for caregivers there.

Whole Life Coaching: Sports is a window for ministry to youth. We are building on the soccer program to equip coaches who will use sports to communicate life skills to raise up young leaders.

Feeding Ministry: Nutrition is a key to helping students learn and develop. Kamatis Kids supplements the diet of vulnerable children and youth at their programs. We would like to be able to provide support at three programs a week.

Ministry Centre: This ministry has struggled because it doesn’t have a home of its own. Right now Kamati Kids gather under the open sky. We are raising funds to get our own land which will be a base for ministry activities.