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Purus River Floating Dock


About this donation

The Purus River is the fourth longest river in the Brazilian Amazon at 1,500 km. It has been identified as the least evangelized river flowing through the Amazon with 1,200 documented communities having no access to the Gospel. In 2016, MEAP began journeying down the Purus in search of these unwitnessed native villages and since then have established multiple ministry bases along the Purus. There are currently 9 boats being used as the primary means of transportation for the 38 MEAP missionaries traveling to these unreached communities. It is crucial that these boats are safeguarded to ensure their continued use as they are valuable to the missionary work taking place on the Purus and a floating dock would provide that and so many other assurances.

Project Purpose

EMAF’s efforts on the Purus River are growing and in order to support the development of EMAF’s operation, the construction of a floating dock as a base would not only protect the ministry’s assets but also facilitate the work of the missionaries and numerous volunteers who will travel by boat to conduct medical outreaches, evangelize and disciple.

This dock will be a multifaceted and instrumental piece for the ministry’s continued success with reaching the riverside communities of the Purus. It will become a meeting ground and the very core of this ministry where EMAF will conduct leadership training, receive and host short term missionary teams and function as a resource center — all to advance the Kingdom.

The dock will be built and reside at Lábrea’s existing and primary mission base. A suitable floating dock will be able to secure a large team of boats and house supplies for the river missions, under its large open shelter, protecting them from damage and theft. This project will ensure that boats will be docked and safely move with the river’s tide, which could be up to a 5 meter or more variance over the course of different seasons.

The effect that this dock would have on the MEAP mission along the Purus River would propel the work to even greater heights and transform many lives and communities among the tens of thousands that have not yet been reached by the Gospel throughout the Brazilian Amazon. The leaders, missionaries and volunteers on the Purus River will be better equipped to share the Gospel, disciple new believers, train leaders, develop churches and ministry bases, while meeting the practical needs of the riverside people–and it will all begin at the floating dock base at Lábrea.