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Quechua Literacy Project, Bolivia


About this donation

Bolivia’s history of political takeovers and economic chaos has made it one of South America’s poorest countries. High in the inhospitable Andes Mountains the Quechua (pronounced “ketchewa”) live as the poorest of the poor. Ironically, these modern day descendants of the proud Inca Empire are now a marginalized people living a rudimentary and disillusioned existence.

Restoring hope and dignity to a culture

The purpose of the Quechua Literacy Program is to express the gospel both in word and through practical assistance. Since most Quechua cannot read or write, Christian workers begin by establishing literacy classes in mountain villages. Literacy provides Quechua, especially women, with a sense of worth that helps them overcome longstanding abuse and generational poverty.

  • The literacy program this year will teach 100 adults to read; within six weeks students are able to read and study the Bible in their own language.
  • The program provides the basis for Christian outreach. More than 50 Quechua find the Lord each year and gather to form new churches.
  • In addition, workers serve communities with mobile medical and dental clinics, agriculture and animal husbandry programs and water projects.

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