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South Sudan Famine Relief


About this donation

Partners International is serving vulnerable people in famine-stricken South Sudan. Your help is needed to protect thousands of lives at risk.

In February, the UN declared famine in a part of South Sudan – the first such declaration in 6 years. Close to 100,000 people are already starving; 1 million are on the brink of starvation; 5 million people are severely hungry. It is a ‘grade 3’ health emergency, which is the World Health Organization’s most severe category of disaster.

Our partner in South Sudan, the Africa Inland Church, has extensive experience providing relief and development through 25 years of warfare in Sudan. They know how to navigate the perils and pitfalls of relief and development in a destabilized zone and are able to work in conditions and locations foreign agencies cannot.

Time is of the essence. Our partner, Bishop Arkangelo Wani Lemi of Africa Inland Church, writes from Juba on March 14th:

“I remember the day I saw a woman under a tree crying because there was absolutely no food to eat, and then pass away. The situation is dire. People have been forced from their small farms into Juba because of war. They are not able to grow even something small for themselves. Many of those fortunate to have jobs have not been paid in 5 or 6 months. Our help brings to mind the story of the girl returning starfish one by one to the sea. It is not possible to save everyone but at least we are able to help a few.”

Immediate funds are needed to save lives; we can make a critical difference in the life of a child or mother at risk as we provide emergency nutrition.

Partners International is raising $100,000 to expand the impact of AIC operations by providing food for at least 2,500 starving people.

That is about $40 in nutrition per person to protect a person at risk.

By distributing food and non-food items to at least 2,500 most vulnerable people in and around Juba in March/April 2017, we will save lives and reduce malnutrition among children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women.

The initial relief activities will target displaced persons with a special focus given to orphaned children, pregnant women and those with small children, the elderly, and widows.

One mother that we were already able to help tells her story:

“We evacuated our home when the violence intensified and found shelter at a school in Juba along with nearly 4,000 other people. We were all squished into a small space. During the chaos, one of my sons got lost, but thank God, he found us late the next day. We slept hungry for two days. The church food project really helped our family. I thank God that my life is spiritually changing, so whatever the situation, no matter the problems, God is there to help us. My prayer is for our children to have access to education and be good leaders in the future. I pray for peace to prevail in my country.”