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About this donation

The Saura, Kodhu, Kondadora, Volmiki, Gadaba and Bonda Porajah peoples are examples of hill tribes in India that remain largely cut off from the modern world and opportunities for human development. As a result, these groups battle high rates of illiteracy, unemployment and alcoholism. Many families in distress are hungry for a message of eternal hope.

Showing and sharing the Good News

UPHOLD is the first Christian missionary effort to reach people groups like the Saura in India. UPHOLD is training the first believers from these people groups and releasing them as ambassadors of Christ to their own people. Through the compassionate and sacrificial service of these local missionaries, people in remote and marginalized villages are beginning to open their hearts to the message of Jesus. UPHOLD serves unreached tribal communities through a range of activities that include:

  • Village evangelism carried out by a staff of 150 workers who have already planted 170 churches and seen over 12,000 people from 6 people groups commit their lives to Christ.
  • Mobilizing missionaries through an 18-month Bible training course and regular refresher courses. The vision of UPHOLD is to establish 500 churches by 2020 by training native missionaries to reach their own people.
  • Developing a hospital to care for over 120,000 tribal people who have no access to medical care.
  • Adopting two leper colonies, where UPHOLD missionaries provide spiritual, emotional, medical and economic assistance.
  • Caring for orphaned children whose parents have succumbed to disease, such as HIV/AIDS.
  • Conducting a wide range of compassionate activities that include medical camps, well installation, HIV/AIDS awareness and counselling, microfinance and other community
  • Development projects executed in partnership with local churches.

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