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Yayasan Pinto Indonesia


About this donation

In Kalimantan, the Dayak people live in primitive, tribal settings along rivers deep in the jungle. They have no access to medical facilities, and live on fish, roots, simple agricultural crops and wild meat available in the jungle. Islam is the main religion in Kalimantan. Muslim in South Kalimantan Muslim accounts for as high as 96% of the population while Roman Catholic accounts for 1.3%. Many natives practice a form of folk Islam, they worship simple idols of a local origin, and their lives are troubled by evil spirits. Yayasan Pintu, a ministry led by Dayak Christians, in partnership with Partners International Canada seeks to reach these remote tribes with the gospel.

While exact numbers of Dayak are unknown. Many of the villages can only be reached on foot or by river. Workers are sent to remote locations often require days and weeks of travel. The ministry has developed an effective strategy for reaching these isolated villages in Central, West and South Kalimantan. At the STT Petrus School of Theology, near Samarinda, students receive theological, ministry and income generation training. Then, a practical field component of the program requires students to establish a village church of at least 12 new believers. As churches grow they send new students for training who reach other villages in the area.