As Easter approaches, our hearts are drawn to the region where the most powerful event in all of history unfolded—the Middle East.

Amidst the beauty of diverse landscapes and people lies the haunting familiarity of conflict and heartbreak. In the Holy Land and beyond, waves of violence and the horrors of war continue as headlines portray the grim reality of escalating conflict. Each passing day adds to the toll of shattered lives.

As Easter nears, we’re reminded of God’s sacrificial love for all people. Our Savior’s death and resurrection convey the powerful message that light triumphs over darkness and love conquers hate.

God’s work cannot be stopped! His plans are unfolding as His people take courageous steps of faith. But they cannot do it alone!

As you celebrate Easter, seize the opportunity to amplify the impact of our courageous local leaders by supporting their vital work. 

Please pray and stand with our brothers and sisters today! Your support of any amount will help keep their lights shining bright amid darkness and personal risk.

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