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Namibia - Ministry Advancement...

Your gift will help our partner in Namibia to reach and help the children and youth in Namibia's capital through education and sports programs.

Half the population of Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, live in shantytowns surrounding the city. Shantytowns are known for violent crime, prostitution, and substance abuse. They are dangerous places to grow up. Shantytown children and youth are vulnerable and lack opportunity. They need guidance and support to navigate these dangers and realize a brighter future.

Nigeria Ministry Advancement...

The Ibo-Edda people live in Ebonyi State in southeastern Nigeria, where low levels of education, food insecurity, unsafe drinking water, and poor sanitation afflict their communities. Many villages in this region do not have schools for their
children to attend. The school buildings in certain areas are in poor condition and lack qualified teachers. Children end up working in the fields and seldom learn to read or write. In addition to the Ibo-Edda tribe, several other unreached people groups in Nigeria have yet to hear the good news about Jesus. Generations of Nigerians live in a perpetual cycle of poverty, lack necessary skills and live without hope.

We have been working in Nigeria with our local partner since 1999. Our partnership focuses on sharing the gospel, providing quality education, discipleship training, church planting and community development. Their schools are life-changing institutions, introducing Jesus to students from an early age. Villages are being transformed and have made way for a growing church planting movement in Nigeria.

Join us by supporting the ministry advancement in Nigeria to restore the hope of the people and advance the kingdom.

Pakistan Ministry Advancement...

Join us in mission to serve the persecuted, and free modern-day slaves. We are building a team of courageous evangelists who serve Christians in trouble and network with Muslim background believers. They are pioneering work among Pashtun people and minority Hindu groups like landless Mawari farmers. Be part of innovative programs moving modern-day slaves to freedom.

Partners Kids...

Our Partners Kids community is made up of Canadians that believe that investing in the spiritual wellbeing and transformation of vulnerable children in the most challenging parts of our world is vital. Partners Kids programming includes after school tutoring for children in low income communities, Christian education, evening programs for children of sex workers and much more. By giving monthly, you become a partner in our work of bringing hope and the good news of Jesus to children who live in places where very few children have the opportunity to learn about Jesus.

Peru Ministry Advancement...

The native people of the Amazon Basin have been exploited for hundreds of years and their survival is in question. Forty-five tribes live in Peru. Among them are people who have never had contact with the outside world. Many of these communities have been ravaged by disease, exploited, and abused by outsiders. Marginalized natives suffer despite being citizens of a developing nation.

Our local partner in Peru is the country’s first missionary-sending agency led by Amazon Indians. It serves the native people groups living in remote
regions of the Amazon rainforest in Peru and Brazil. Our missionaries are a bridge between the traditional and modern world. They provide the holistic support that is so desperately needed by the indigenous people of the Amazon. They offer health services, clean water, and education while preserving people’s way of life.

Join us to support this landmark mission led by natives of Amazon as they seek to protect disappearing cultures while establishing an authentic indigenous church.

Studio of Innovative Leadership...

The Studio of Innovative Leadership (SIL) is an open platform to equip a new generation of vibrant Christian leaders in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The ultimate goal of the program is to reshape culture and produce long-term transformation through the development of relevant and innovative ministries. The program identifies visionary Christian leaders and launches them as catalysts in society. There are currently 116 students in the program. Around 50 % of SIL students are in full-time ministry and 80-85% are active ministers in their churches. Their initiative to impact their societies for the gospel span from church-based to ministry enterprise, to social and business enterprise. It is exciting to see SIL leaders creating inroads for the gospel in secular and Muslim contexts and among least reached peoples in a number of restricted access countries.

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