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Street Kids & Widows...

‘Skolombo Boys’ and ’Lacasera Girls’ are homeless children who beg for alms and scavenge for recyclable materials on the street. From roaming the street for survival in bands, some have formed into criminal gangs. They have been associated with incidents of robbery, kidnapping, rape, pick-pocketing, and drug abuse. TETMI serves the needs of these street kids and vulnerable youth in the town of Calabar by providing outreach, care and mentoring.

Support Chinese Missionaries to the Islamic World...

In the wake of severe persecution of religious minority groups many Chinese Muslims and Christians have fled to neighbouring Middle Eastern countries.

We are providing material and training for Chinese Christians in the middle-east as they seek to continue planting seeds for the Gospel among Chinese Muslims.

Your gift will allow one leader to attend a training seminar entitled ‘Encountering the Islamic World’.

Therapy Programs for Traumatized Children...

In Moldova, our partner is working with refugee children traumatized by the war in Ukraine.

In Jordan, our partners are seeking to rehabilitate children traumatized by ISIS.

Your gift will allow our partners to offer hope, healing and faith to children who have been witness to the world’s brokenness and violence.

UPG Harvester Training Program...

The Harvester program provides 5-month discipleship and community development training for mostly first-generation believers from Nepal's unreached people groups. There are separate intakes each year for approximately 20 women and 20 men. Harvester training plays a key role in our vision to establish vibrant communities of faith among every unreached people group in Nepal. Graduates go back to their communities to strengthen and grow the church and apply the community development skills they have learned to improve the lives of people in their community. Some of the skills include sewing, conservation farming, primary health care, and animal husbandry.

Victory Kids...

Victory Kids Home is a Partners Kids initiative that responds to the needs of abandoned children in India with HIV/AIDS, supporting them with a safe and accepting place to call home. With access to quality education, nutritious meals and medical care, each child's quality of life improves. We also raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and how to properly care for children who have contracted the disease by connecting families with resources and setting a loving example for communities to follow.

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