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Partners International Canada works with many great organizations to advance the Kingdom of God across the Globe. Using the map below, you can explore our different Partner Ministries, learning more about what they do. To navigate the map, click and drag to move around, and use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out. You can also click any of the category icons to discover our Partners based on the type of ministry that they do in their unique contexts.

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*Note that due to safety concerns, the precise location of some ministries has been obfuscated.

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Worldwide Partners

Yayasan Pinto Indonesia

YPI Ministry In Kalimantan, the Dayak people live in primitive, tribal settings along rivers deep in the jungle. They have no access to medical facilities and live on fish, roots, simple agricultural crops and wild meat available in the jungle. Islam is the main religion in Kalimantan
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ChrisFon, Pakistan

ChrisFon, Pakistan Partner since 2007 ChrisFon works among the Pashtun people of Northern Pakistan. The rugged mountain region has been a notoriously hostile place and deeply suspicious of outsiders. With constant tension, corruption, and natural disasters, many not only live in pover
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Kamati’s Kids, Namibia

Kamati’s Kids Namibia Partner Since 2016 Namibia is a large and sparsely populated country. The capital of Namibia and where Kamati’s Kids minister is Windhoek. 50% of the population of Windhoek live in shanty towns surrounding the city and many struggle to meet their daily needs. The
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Association of Independent Churches of Africa

The Association of Independent Churches of Africa (AICA) seeks to establish healthy churches that liberate rural Liberians from spiritual darkness and extremely difficult social conditions, so they can experience a better quality of life.
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