Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fisherman


    Showing Christ’s love to fishermen and their families

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlanting the Kingdom among subsistence fishermen. The remote, water-accessed villages scattered along Brazil’s coastline and up the Amazon River are home to thousands of fishermen and their families. The water sustains them—but just barely. And their isolated existence insulates them from the help they need to improve their lives.

    The Evangelical Mission for Assistance to Fishermen has a team of 130 workers who serve the needs of these remote fishing villages and bring the hope of the gospel to their residents. These Brazilian missionaries are committed to demonstrating practical care as well as preaching the truth.

    Today, EMAF has successfully made contact with nearly all the fishing villages along the coast and are moving to their next phase of ministry: ministering to the 33,000 remote, unreached riverside communities up the Amazon and its tributaries. More specifically reaching the 1,200 people along the Purus river.

    • Workers have reached over 1,000 villages, planting churches and establishing scores of regular preaching points and home groups.

    • EMAF mobilizes medical and dental teams to make visits to communities on a rotating basis, often using a floating clinic to serve water access only communities.

    • The ministry has also established several literacy centres that empower both children and adults who have limited access to education.

    • In one year, 4,689 people have been given medical or dental help

    • EMAF operates several childrens’ centres, which offer daily programs for preschool children who receive meals, clothing, shoes, health care, Bible teaching and much love.


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    Photos From the Field

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