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    Haiti Christian Schools (HCS) is a ministry to provide an education for children in Haiti that began by forming an alliance with three existing schools on the island of La Gonâve, off the coast of mainland Haiti. In October 2011, a new high school was opened to add a fourth school with a total of just over 600 students. In September of 2016 the ministry celebrated the opening of a small vocational school offering marketable training to high school students in five skilled trades.

    Two of the elementary schools as well as the vocational school share the same building and property as local churches, while the third elementary school and high school share a rented space in the centre of town.

    The strategy for this organization is to provide a method of improving the quality of education and to provide Christian development for the students. We strive to provide a basis for funding opportunities for the schools from outside and to work to provide a sustainable future for graduates.

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    Provide a Quality Education

    There is a real need for schools to support one another by comparing results, curriculum, providing standards, and teacher training, then develop ways to  prepare students in career focused training.

    Spiritual Development

    In Haiti there is little access to public education since there are fees to go to public schools.The well off are able to afford it but the poor are unable to pay those fees.  Many private schools have been formed as a result, mostly in churches. This is a great opportunity to influence the students for faith and discipleship in Christ. The organization will work together to provide ways to involve both teachers and students in spiritual development.

    Funding Opportunities

    Since the focus is to provide education to students whose families cannot afford to send them to school, Partners International Canada will seek to raise support for this ministry. This will assist the schools in paying for teachers who are not receiving consistent payment and also help to improve facilities and provide operating capital.

    Provide a Sustainable Future

    Long term objectives would be to provide career-specific training that would prepare students for employment and a future eventually releasing them from poverty.

    Photos From the Field

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