This month on the blog we will be profiling the stories and work of several national workers from our ministry partner, The Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon. FEAL works to bring holistic transformation to the Middle East and North Africa Region. This week we meet Dany, a national worker in Beirut whose work with refugees was profiled in our short film “Trapped in Transition.”

Dany National Worker

As the church continues to rebuild in the Middle East, God raises up incredible leaders that will become the voice of His church for years to come. Dany is one of those incredible leaders. Only in his early twenties, Dany has been serving as a national worker with the Free Evangeical Association of Lebanon for over a year. Primarily based out of the FEAL head office in Beirut, Dany helps on an administrative level in addition to organizing the Oasis Saturday program and various youth activities.

Dany’s heart for ministry work is clear in his dedication to be a shinning light for God within his community. He is passionate about entering the mission field and ensuring the church serves those with the greatest need.

This desire to serve has manifested itself in the Oasis Saturday program. Dany works closely with Robert to provide refugee women and children with a safe and stable environment. His heart goes towards the children who come to the program.

“So many Syrian children do not have the opportunity to play. When they go into the streets people are annoyed with them and yell at them” says Dany. “These children are losing their futures. They have no place to play. The children have no school and no place to learn. My heart goes out to them and that is why the Oasis program is so important, it gives them a place to laugh and have some leisure.”

To see Dany at work in the Oasis program is to watch someone give fully to serving those who have lost everything. The children at the Oasis program are full of energy for their crafts and games. Dany keeps up with them all and his cheerful nature naturally draws the children to him. In the classrooms the children rush to Dany to proudly display their handiwork and on the dodge ball court kids shout with delight when he elects to join their team.

His value is clear in the lives of these children as he interacts with each and every child with a joyful smile. At the end of the sessions Dany is exhausted, but the impact he makes in the lives of these children is immeasurable. Dany remarks, “These children have lost big parts of their lives. They are always trapped in houses and apartments. Many of these children have lost their childhood and these programs are important for returning that to them.”

Dany’s abilities as a leader have been recognized by FEAL, not only through the Oasis program but through his critical administrative work as well. Dany helps to organize the many national workers serving in the missions field as part of a larger goal to rebuild the church in a war-torn region.

For Dany, the decision to serve with this goal in mind did not come immediately. As a youth he lived a life apart from the church. Frustrated with the church, he choose to stop attending at the age of 16. In the midst of great struggles though, he would return to the church at the invitation of his sister’s fiance. On his reintroduction to the church, Dany says, “At church I had a great and blessed time. I enjoyed my time, I enjoyed the care of the youth. So after two years I decided to re-attend church because I enjoyed the company of youth.”

The community that surrounded him was the start of what Dany describes as God’s greatness being totally revealed. One night his friends would share Hebrews 7:25 “consequently, He is able to save to the utmost those who draw near to God through Him.” The verse would change Dany’s life forever and from that day forward Dany gave his life to Christ. In 2014, Joseph Najem, the director of FEAL, recognized Dany’s incredible potential and approached him about joining the organization. Dany remarks “I thank God because He chose me to be a worker in His field. Our God is so great He gives us more than we deserve.”

Faith Rising: Dany Saab from Partners International Canada on Vimeo.