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Philip Timoti, Founder and Director of the UPHOLD Ministry in India was in Canada recently as part of the Fall 2013 Hope In Action Tour. During his visit, Philip spoke about the inspiring work of the missionaries he serves with every day.

UPHOLD was created to support the 10% of the Indian population living up in the mountains where there are no roads to reach them. People in these villages are completely cut off from both the Hindu and Christian worlds.”


“Each day, our workers travel up to ten or fifteen hours just to reach out to these land locked people who live in zero revenue villages with no industry and only local farming to sustain them.”

“The 0-5 year old death rate is high in these communities because mothers have nothing to eat and there is no protein in their diet, no proper clothing to wear and only mud huts with detached roofs to provide shelter. Malaria, Typhoid and seasonal sicknesses are also killing people rapidly.”

With the generous support of Partners International Canada, UPHOLD workers treat people who are physically blind with cataract surgery in a small rural medical clinic; they have also built a training centre to train hundreds of adult men as workers for the region and created the Victory Home for children coping with HIV.

National Workers are amazing people who give of themselves in extraordinary ways every day. With dedication and compassion these men and women have provided physical and spiritual care for three generations of Indians caught in the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

Through the dedication and faith of these workers, dignity is being restored to the people of India. It is an honour to support them in their efforts.

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National Workers play a crucial role in the operation of our Partner Ministries. Their passion to reach even the most remote villages is what enables our Partners to minister as effectively as they do, transforming communities across the globe.

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