Our partners in Haiti and Cuba are moving to respond to the crisis with goals of short and long term restoration. This page will be updated with information from our partners as we continue to learn more information. For more immediate updates please visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba:

From Victor Manuel, a National Worker with the Baptist Convention of Eastern Cuba:
“Friends, its impossible to have access to the most damage areas. I was planning to drive there tomorrow but the last news we have is that the road is still closed. From Moa to Baracoa the hurricane destroy an important bridge and from Guantanamo to Baracoa the road named La Farola that is surrounding the mountains is cover with rocks from the mountains. I’ve been trying to call you using IMO but wifi is not Available yet. In conversation with the president of the convention we knew that even with the difficulties in communication with the affected areas, we still contacted and received information about seven churches from our convention.  (We have more than a hundred churches) all seven churches and the pastoral houses were deeply damaged. Two of them were totally destroyed by the winds of the hurricane. We know that we have in the area more than 4000 people sheltered in our churches. One of the big challenges right now is to provide food for all this people. We are running 20 community kitchens in our churches. Right now we have a couple trucks loaded with food and resources to share with those people.”

Haiti Christian Schools:

NEW UPDATE – OCTOBER 12: We have heard from Wendy Thiessen,  our Project Development Coordinator with Haiti Christian Schools (HCS) currently serving in the country

The report is very positive. La Gonave (where HCS is based out of) has avoided much of the damage and has been kept safe.
Wendy has reported that while there has been some gardens and roofs damaged, the Haitian community on the island is responding in a wonderful way. Learning from the earthquake in 2010, they are responding together, helping each other and continuing to build towards the future. Wendy has described it as a resilient community.
International Operations has advised that because of this incredibly positive development, we do not want to disrupt the transformative community work that is going on. We are blessed to see the incredible ways that God is moving on the island of La Gonave!
Note: Donations towards Haiti Christian Schools will go towards their long-term, community building goals. Please visit their ministry page for more information on their work.
October 10: Our partner continues to evaluate the needs of the community to understand how they can respond effectively. Haiti Christian Schools has updated us that at least one of the schools on the island of La Gonave has avoided any major damage and that all national workers and students of the schools have reported as being safe. It has been reported that nearly 900 people have been killed by Hurricane Matthew and parts of Southern Haiti have been completely destroyed.
Wendy Thiessen, our project development coordinator for Haiti Christian Schools is currently in country assisting. Please pray for her and her husband as they serve amidst the chaos.