On Wednesday October 10, 2018, the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, among many other areas in India on the east coast, was devastated by the severe cyclonic storm, Titli.

The storm caused serious flooding and destructive wind gusts that reached 150 km per hour. Many deaths have been reported across the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha, homes have been lost and communities washed away. There is a great need for relief efforts.

Partner Involvement

Our ministry partner UPHOLD exists to serve rural Indian communities by meeting the physical, spiritual, emotional and economic needs of tribal groups. The ministry pours its efforts into church and leadership development, and holistic care. Some key ministry initiatives include the Bethany Hospital that primarily provides cataracts surgeries for tribal people disabled with curable blindness and medical camps specifically for disease prevention measures. The ministry is also dedicated to church planting and raising up native leaders among remote tribal communities to share the Gospel and implement holistic community development methods.

We received word that the cyclone severely hit the Bethany Hospital campus as well as a few tribal churches. Nearly 20 church buildings have collapsed and thousands of believers have lost their homes. None of the villages have electricity and roads have been blocked by fallen trees and flooding.



As UPHOLD works to rebuild the communities affected by Cyclone Titli, some areas of need are in rebuilding churches, house repair, food supplies, and tools to remove the debris and fallen trees. Consider supporting UPHOLD in the midst of disaster.

Give today to help UPHOLD rebuild the communities affected by Cyclone Titli.