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Empowering people through education and development programs.








In the shadows of the Indian Himalayan Region, tea plantation workers toil to earn wages that barely feed their families. Many are landless, oppressed, and lack opportunity.  Necessities like education are limited, which perpetuates a vicious cycle of generational poverty that forces people to accept low paying, manual labour positions. Ethnic conflict also divides the tribal people in this region. Families who are living in despair long for better lives.

We have been working in India alongside our partner, Duars Rural Development Project (DRDP), since 1977. Together, our partnership focuses on serving the needs of people in North Bengal through a holistic approach. DRDP carries out various community development initiatives such as community centres, tutoring programs and relief work in the areas of tribal conflict and natural disasters. DRDP is also raising a new generation in India to end the cycle of poverty by providing quality education at the Cornerstone School.

Programs Include

1. Support a Local Leader

Local leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to communities in North Bengal.

2. Cornerstone School

Ending poverty through education

The Cornerstone School provides nationally accredited primary and secondary education. At Cornerstone School children learn morals and values, literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills. Cornerstone students sharpen their intellect and develop their skills and talents. Students also open themselves up to better employment opportunities that will positively impact their overall health and standard of living in the future.

3. Children’s Programs

Caring for children 

Supporting children in need with a healthy environment, education and other practical needs.

Partner with us

empower people through education and development programs.

Stories from the field

As you may have heard, India has recently been in the news because of international funding challenges of some children’s programs. Read More from Christianity Today here. Three of our India partners are directly affected by this cut in funding. The Need Together, three of our partners in India take care of 959 children through
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