Everything was fine until Jian got his diagnosis.

In China, AIDS is not simply a disease that, though unfortunate, can be managed through careful treatment. In China, AIDS is a life sentence; it tears people from their families, their homes and makes them outcasts in their own communities.

Rubber Gloves
When Jian was diagnosed with AIDS, his family made him wear gloves and a mask at all times

Before the diagnosis, Jian was not unlike many other Chinese men in his community: young, happy and hopeful. In an instant, everything in his life was turned upside down. When he was diagnosed with AIDS, Jian’s family immediately quarantined him to one tiny room of the house. He was required to wear a mask and gloves at all times. Worst of all, he was only allowed to speak to his children through a curtain.

Hurt by his family’s behaviour, Jian became very angry and resentful. His family was not malicious. They, like many other Chinese families, simply did not understand how the disease spread. They were living in fear that everyone in the house would become infected. AIDS was slowly tearing apart Jian’s family, causing many fights and making Jian even more bitter.

With nowhere else to turn, Jian sought the help of Ribbon Ministry. With their help, Jian’s life was completely transformed. He and his family received counseling and were educated about the misconceptions of HIV/AIDS. Now Jian is once again living happily with his family. They are grateful for the love that the workers of Ribbon ministry have shown to them, and their hearts are open to the love of God.

You Can Make a Difference!

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在診斷前,建就和社區裡的其他的男仕一樣: 年輕,快樂,充滿了希望。但在一瞬間,他的生活卻發生了天翻地覆的轉變。當建被診斷出感染了艾滋病後,他的家人立即把他隔離在一個小房間內。他被要求整天戴上口罩和手套,更糟糕的是,他只被允許通過窗簾來與他的孩子說話。