From an email message shared from Bhim Lal today:

Bhim Lal in better days in Nepal
Bhim Lal in better days in Nepal


All our dear Praying friends and Prayer partners;

Praise the Lord and Greetings in the name our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is after sixth day to day only we could somehow get the electricity and don’t know how long it will be? Every mobile phone network and line phone networks are also not working properly. We even could not contact the family members within the country till today.

Thus, in very short I would like to sincerely thanks all our dear and respected praying friends, ministry partners and individuals for your kind prayers before the Lord as a fine burning incense for our safety here in Nepal. As of the reason, God’s mighty hand is upon us and we could hardly with frightened heart and pains of national tragedy privileged to say “We are all safe”.

The massive earthquake has killed more about 5,384 people as of the record provided by the Nepal Home Ministry and related organizations but there are many people still trapped inside the fallen buildings. Many houses were broken and fallen down, many people were trapped inside and now people can’t get near to those fallen houses due to the bad smell of the dead bodies inside.

Broken buildings in Kathmandu
Broken buildings in Kathmandu

Nepal government is completely failed in rescue work and relief distribution. Earthquake has badly affected more than 10 different districts including Kathmandu valley. The rescue team could not clear the Kathmandu within the valley even today after the six days and many people are still trapped inside the fallen buildings. There is possible epidemic outbreak due to the dead bodies and many unsettled living of the people in every open field. Major affected Areas like; Gorkah, Dhading, Nuwakot, Sindhupalanchowk, Rasuwa, Kavre and other districts are still waiting for the rescue team and relief distribution for those who are living but lost everything. Dead animals and dead bodies are badly stinking but there is no one to help. The injured people are waiting for the medical treatments and many are compel to spent night in the open sky even in the rain. The number of dead people would be many more then what it has just come out I am sure and more then 8o lakhs people are badly affected due to this earthquake. We had to bear with more than 100 earthquake repetitions which are more than 4 rectors Scale and many smaller earthquakes that were felt.

The government, ruling parties and the Opposition parties are blaming to each other but they are all doing nothing for the victims immediately. Rescue team from Indian and China has come but the government does not know where to send and how? The number of rescue team and trained human resources are lacking and are very few. Relief distributions that have come from abroad are just stored in different places but not yet distributed to the people as their immediate help. People are struggling even for the water, shelter like a tent, clothing, food etc. but the government only holds the meetings on it.

On third day of massive earthquake I just rushed towards the Sakhu of Kathmandu district where many houses were fallen down and many were trapped inside the buildings but I found no one and people were crying for the help. I actually went to help the children of our Orphanage worker Ms. Lila Kumari who works as a cook in our New Vision Orphanage. Her house was fallen down and her two sons and daughter was in danger so I went there for their help and also I took some relief distribution for the people, the tent, rice, noodles, cooking oils it was few but the crowed and people in need were uncountable.

Well, coming to the specific report then the overall problem in circle to GFN and it’s workers we are all safe till today. In fact we all had to pass through the life danger situation. I could get contact to most of our workers all around and they are all fine but many have lost the properties. Seven Church buildings are badly damaged and fallen down in 5 different district of Nepal that were build by GFN and eight workers has lost their houses and properties. All the children in Kathmandu and Nepalganj we are all fine. Me and my wife are here with Orphanage children in Kathmandu. We are still out door sleeping in vehicle and in tent sometime and some night in a garage. By God’s grace we could stored the foods and we don’t have much problem till today for the food though the markets are not yet open and the markets prizes are uncertain. Hopefully, it would become normal very soon if the big earthquake do not repeat again.

Thus, kindly keep continue to pray for our safety and for all the people here in Nepal. I will write to you in more detail later if we continue to get the electricity and get inside the house.

Finally, thanking you all for your sincere prayers for our safety may the Lord Almighty bless you all and the respected Ministries.

Sincerely yours in Christ;

Bhim Lal Tamang

Good Friends of Nepal GFN

Swoyambhu, Kathmandu


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