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Middle East and North Africa Region


Train and equip Christian leaders to serve refugees and to bring hope and transformation to their communities.







Middle East and North Africa

The MENA region is a term that covers an extensive part of the Arab world, stretching from Morocco to Iran. We work in 6 countries within the MENA region. Surrounded by turmoil and constant instability, the MENA region can often be difficult and dangerous.

We have been working across this region alongside our partner ministry, the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL), since 1994. FEAL is motivated to help people in the MENA region by catering to their physical and spiritual needs. The ministry works through their local church network to reach out to the affected population through initiatives such as: supplying refugee families with basic necessities, providing medical care, offering faith based support groups, and distributing Bibles.

Our partner focuses on the following people groups in the MENA region

  1. Arabic populations in the local communities throughout MENA.
  2. Kurds, an ethnic minority that have been mistreated and persecuted for generations.
  3. Underprivileged and vulnerable girls.

Programs Include

1. Sponsor a National Leader

Missionary support

National Leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to unreached communities across the MENA region.

2. Oasis Program

Helping refugee families transition

The Oasis program provides refugee camps with food, water, and medicine. The program also offers education, skills training, home visits, and transitional housing to help provide refugee families with support and stability as they rebuild their lives.

3. Eyes on Mena

Helping refugee families transition

A church planting movement in the Middle East led by refugees returning home.

Partner with us

to transform communities and care for displaced people in need throughout the MENA region.