To be a mother is a role which merits honour, appreciation and love all year around. We show our admiration for mothers by way of flowers and words of affirmation, a warm embrace and a longer than usual chat on the phone.

Many mothers around the world face economic hardship, lack of medical care and lack of opportunity to provide for their own families. Mothers juggle several responsibilities including domestic roles, community involvement and the like. Some have to manage all on their own.

Here are 5 ways YOU can help alleviate some of the hardships mothers around the world face every day.

Remove a child from the red-light districtMothers living in the red-light district long for their children to have a better life. By supporting a vulnerable child, you will provide a nurturing atmosphere where children are safe from the dangers of being trafficked and abused. Click here to help support!

Gift a sewing machine  In many countries struggling mothers are being equipped with income-generating skills to manage a small business. By gifting a sewing machine to a mom in need, you are helping mothers earn a living to support their families. Click here to help support!

Help bring water to a village  In many countries, mothers suffer the loss of a child as a result of the contaminated water in local streams. Your gift of clean water changes lives by restoring health and preventing water-borne illnesses. Click here to help support!

Care for a child with disabilitiesChildren’s health is a primary concern for mothers. It is especially hard for mothers in the developing world to access specialized medical care for their children with disabilities. Your gift will provide a child with a year of physiotherapy, allowing the entire family to engage more fully in their community. Click here to help support!

Help a single mom The Early Learning Centre in Moldova supports single mothers to help prevent child abandonment and empower each mom to provide a safe environment and a brighter future for her children. Your gift helps single mothers to raise their children well. Click here to help support!

The truth is that motherhood is hard work and requires the giving of oneself. Today, you can give back by empowering a mother — changing her life in a way that flowers simply cannot.  

“Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth” 1 John 3:18

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