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Empowering young people to be agents of change within their families, schools and communities.








Half the population of Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, live in shantytowns (unplanned communities) surrounding the city. Shantytowns are known for violent crime, prostitution, and substance abuse. They are dangerous places to grow up. Shantytown children and youth are vulnerable and lack opportunity. They need guidance and support to navigate these dangers and realize a brighter future.

Partners International and Kamati’s Kids are mentoring young leaders so they can transform their communities. We invest in the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational development of young people. Kamati’s Kids protects and cares for children in practical ways, namely through education and sport, to develop spiritual values and life skills. We are transforming the shantytowns of Windhoek into vibrant communities where young people are agents of change within their families, schools and squatter communities.

Programs Include

1) Leadership Development
Growing a leadership and volunteer movement

Local leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to communities in Namibia. These are the people who provide programs to the children and who mentor and coach youth. The ministry provides training for its volunteers and small amounts of support for key roles in the organization. The children in this region are often hurting victims of drug and sexual abuse, living with HIV/AIDS. The team at Kamati’s Kids works closely with these children and they dedicate their time to inspiring them to break the cycle of poverty. As a result of their efforts, children are empowered and have hope for their future.

2) Afterschool Programs
Empowering children through sports and education

In the slums of Namibia, there are few places for kids to study and learn. After school programs offer tutoring, mentoring, and life-skills to vulnerable children. Sport is a vital tool used in this ministry that helps teach young people important life skills and provides children with a positive outlet in their community. The ministry also provides students with a nutritious meal through the after school program initiative. This program was designed holistically to invest in young people.

3) School Supplies
Equipping students with supplies to succeed

School-aged children and youth in Windhoek are underprivileged and do not have access to important supplies they need for school. This program provides students with backpacks, pencils, school shoes, etc. Kamati’s Kids also supplies feminine hygiene products to keep girls attending school regularly.

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