On Saturday April 25th a 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck the nation of Nepal with the death toll and missing continuing to rise.

Partners International along with our local partner in Nepal called Good Friends of Nepal (GFN) are ready to respond to this disaster.

We have been in touch with GFN’s leader, Bhim Lal and have verified the safety of him, his family and some of his team. However we are still waiting to hear from about 20 leaders that live in the more rural areas of Nepal. Please keep them in prayer.

Among this dire situation, Bhim has stated, “The first thing that we need is prayer.
Prayer is always good. Secondly is for the people in the village who need shelter and food.”


Our goal is to provide immediate and long-term care to the people of Nepal. Our partner was there before the earthquake hit and will continue to be there long after the disater subsides.

There will be a lot of hurting, helpless, and homeless people including orphans. Please make a gift today. We need emergency relief funds for rebuilding and essential needs. Your gift will go directly to GFN where they can start the work immediately.

Thank you for your time and for being on mission with us!

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