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Category: News & Updates

Giving in a Time of Crisis

Reflecting on the start of this global pandemic, have you used your time and resources to give hope and bless ...
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Sheltering In Place or Starving To Death? 6 Ways to Mobilize Your Congregation for Global Impact

In a season of declining budgets and financial crisis, why would congregations in Canada even think about the needs of ...
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The Power of the Word: Kojan’s Story

In 1998, Kojan, a young man living in Northern Iraq, found two Kurdish language copies of the New Testament at ...
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Changing Hearts Through Scripture

Teopolina Shidolo is a student at Mount View High School in the shanty-town known as Babylon in Namibia. The location ...
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Rev. Dr. Grover William Crosby (May 1, 1937 – August 18, 2019)

Grover Crosby, former President of Partners International, went to be with the Lord this past week. Grover has been part ...
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Learning at Cornerstone

This past January, I visited one of our partners in India–Duars Rural Development Project (DRDP)—led by a visionary and godly ...
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Love your Neighbour

Beginning of Life (BOL) is a ministry established by Moldovan nationals with a vision to break through the vicious cycle ...
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Refugee Girls

World Refugee Day

In recent years civil war in Syria has transformed what was once a peaceful nation, to a violent one. The ...
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Sun flower field

Katea’s Story

There are few job opportunities in Moldova. Families live in extreme poverty, and many parents have emigrated to find employment ...
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Moving to the Amazon

There are over 10,000 remaining communities that are unreached by the gospel in the Amazon window. Our partner at the ...
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