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The Story of Joseph Najem: Hearing the Call of God in the Middle East

A refugee camp in the Bekaa Valley

Over the past month we have shared stories from our ministry partner, the Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL), including our short film, Trapped in Transition. We have met Dany, Robert and Issam. Three inspiring PI-sponsored workers serving Syrian refugees. Now we focus on the ministry leader of FEAL, Joseph Najem, and his story of how he came to know God’s unconditional love and His calling to serve others.

Joseph Najem in 2005
Joseph Najem in 2005

Joseph Najem

Ministry Leader and Pastor
Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon
Date of birth: Dec.23, 1951
Marital status: Married. His wife, Doris is an English teacher at the French St. Joseph University
Citizenship: Lebanese & Canadian citizen
Languages: Fluent in Arabic, English, and French

I was raised in the Maronite Catholic tradition of Lebanon, from which comes from the radical military arm of Christian politics. However, my parents were nominal Roman Catholics, so I grew up with no interest in religious matters. Until my conversion on March 14, 1972, I had never read the Bible before. I often found myself questioning the meaning of life.

I first heard the Gospel of Christ through a business colleague. I was invited to an evangelistic conference held in an Evangelical Free Church in Beirut. At the conference, the words of Jesus, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father, but by me”, convinced me that He was the answer to my search. I committed my life to the Lord that night with tears of joy. I accepted the Lord as my Savior when I was 19 years old.

After my conversion, I joined the church, grew in the faith, and became active as a Christian businessman. I completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the St. Joseph University in Beirut, and became the Regional Finance Director for a large American Advertising company. There, I was in charge of the accounting and finances of five offices throughout the Middle East (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and Dubai-UAE). This company was responsible for promoting major corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, Philip Morris, Kellogg, Kraft, and McDonalds.

In 1987, I began to sense the call of God on my life. I knew that the Lord wanted more from my life and as my wife and I prayed, we realized that God was directing us to ministry. There was no way to ignore it. In planning for a visit to Canada, I was granted landed immigrant status. I took this as an indication that God wanted me to study Theology there to prepare for my future ministry. In July of 1990 I left for Toronto with my family to study at Tyndale Seminary. In August of 1993, I graduated  with a Masters of Divinity degree. During my studies, I felt a strong call to return to Lebanon and be part of a church planting movement there. My vision from God is to reach Muslims with the gospel throughout the Middle East. The Free Church that I call home is located on the Green Line which divides Beirut into Muslim and Christian sectors. This offered me the base from which to operate. A 6-acre camp located in the Muslim sector and operated by the church would help fulfill the vision to train and equip local workers for outreach into Lebanon.  

In July of 1994, I returned to Lebanon with my family to become the Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Beirut.

Joseph Najem sharing stories to members of our recent Discovery Trip Team
Joseph Najem sharing stories of God’s work in the Middle East with members of our recent Discovery Trip Team

The same church in which I was saved 22 years ago. I am still devoted to the Mission Work in the Middle East and North Africa. Today, by the grace of God, our mission work has expanded in five different Arab Countries; Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Sudan. Today we have 17 national missionaries scattered in these five countries and have established 11 churches. Our ministry ranges between church planting, outreach, discipleship, camp & compassion. We established two Bible institutes to develop and train emerging Leaders in Beirut and Amman.

Joseph has been an incredible blessing to us at Partners International Canada. His work in the region is integral to building the church in the Middle East. If you want to learn more about The Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon, please click here. To watch the recent short film produced on FEAL’s work with Syrian refugees please click here


  1. I have known P. Najim since More than 10 years, my family and I are Canadian residents and whenever my wife and I travel to Lebanon we visit his local assembly. In the year 2011 I joined him on a short mission trip to Syria, visiting several cities. During our last trip to Lebanon in May of 2015 we visited the OASIS ministry in Beirut where EFC is ministering to the Syrian refugees.

    P. Najim is such an inspiration to my wife and I and to see how the Lord is using him for His Kingdom. As a man of God who is fully devoted for his ministry, as well as his devoted wife, it is such a blessing to be able to work with them, and God willing we plan to be in Lebanon next May and would love to join his ministry for the mostly Muslim Refugees there. May the Lord bless him and his ministry as well as your partnering with EFC.

    In His grace,

    Salim Batri