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Empowering communities in rural Nigeria through leadership training, education and community development.


The Ibo-Edda people live in Ebonyi State in southeastern Nigeria, where low levels of education, food insecurity, unsafe drinking water, and poor sanitation afflict their communities. Many villages in this region do not have schools for their children to attend. The school buildings in certain areas are in poor condition and lack qualified teachers. Children end up working in the fields and seldom learn to read or write. The literacy rate in the state is 48%, and lower still in rural areas. In addition to the Ibo-Edda tribe, several other unreached people groups in Nigeria have yet to hear the good news about Jesus. Generations of Nigerians live in a perpetual cycle of poverty, lack necessary skills and live without hope.

Partners International has been working in Nigeria with our ministry partner, The Evangelizers’ Team Ministries International (TETMI), since 1999. Our partnership focuses on sharing the gospel, providing quality education, discipleship training, church planting and community development. TETMI serves the rural communities of the Ibo-Edda and other tribal people and is transforming communities across rural Nigeria.

Programs Include

1) Partner with a Local Leader
Missionary support

Local Leaders are the hands and feet that deliver hope and change to unreached communities in Nigeria. They speak the native language, know the culture and have made a long-term commitment to communities in their context. Local leaders sacrificially serve people, caring for their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

2) Leadership Training
Developing local leaders

TETMI equips its leaders with sound biblical knowledge and practical ministry skills through a variety of leadership training programs. These programs develop leaders who become the catalyst in establishing healthy churches, disciples, and holistic ministries to expand the kingdom of God in Nigeria.

3) Education
Empowering children through education

TETMI schools provide a quality Christian education to Nigerian children and youth. Students develop academically and learn important morals and principles at school. TETMI impacts the lives of its students in meaningful ways and is giving them, and their families, hope for the future.

4) Community Development
Transforming communities

TETMI is establishing stronger, more sustainable communities through development initiatives like women’s empowerment, helping girls at-risk and medical care. These programs and projects are equipping leaders to serve and empower their people. Community development initiatives at TETMI improve the livelihood of families in poverty and bring hope to communities in Nigeria.

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to empower, evangelize and give hope to communities in Nigeria.

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