Bhim Lal and Kalpana Tamang

Fostering unreached people group movements

Bhim Lal and Kalpana Tamang

Fostering unreached people group movements

Bhim Lal was born and raised in a Buddhist family. Following common Nepalese beliefs he would sleep with a Bible under his pillow to protect him from evil spirits. Through a series of trials, Bhim Lal found Christ. This resulted in intense persecution for his entire family. Although he experienced persecution that did not deter him from living for and serving God. Now Bhim Lal and his wife, Kalpana have a strategy to reach the many people groups in Nepal with the Good News of Jesus. His team is equipped with community development skills to bring transformation to the impoverished communities they serve. Key programs include support for widows, anti-trafficking efforts, economic empowerment, care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Partnership Focus

Our partner in Nepal serves unreached people groups across Nepal, meeting the holistic needs of their communities. Their initiatives target vulnerable people, namely impoverished families, at-risk and abandoned children and youth, and destitute widows.

We are excited for all the possibilities in Nepal through local partnership!

Featured Projects

Afghan Refugee Relief

Following the Taliban take-over in August of 2021, many peoples in Afghanistan are at risk of violence and persecution. Thousands of refugees crossed land borders into neighbouring countries like Pakistan seeking safety. Others are internally displaced and are in a perilous situation in Afghanistan. Recent reports suggest that half the remaining population of Afghanistan is struggling to find food and other basic necessities. Partners International is working in both Pakistan and Afghanistan to provide food, clothing, accommodations and other necessities to Afghan peoples. Our relief program also provides start-up funds and training for families to run a vegetable push-cart business. The individuals that have received the vegetable carts have begun to earn enough to support themselves and their families.

Angolan Refugee Relief

Namibia is suffering through the worst long-term drought in 90 years. It is so severe that way back in June of 2019 the president declared a state of emergency.  Since then, conditions have only deteriorated. The drought is causing the death of wildlife and the displacement of people. Namibians are resilient but these and other challenges are insurmountable for those facing starvation. Namibia has one of the highest states of economic inequality in the world.  Its extreme poverty rate is projected to rise to 18.9% in 2022 (World Bank). Unemployment is high and particularly affects women (38%) and young people (43%).  Around 15% of the adult population is infected with the AIDS virus. The economy is in freefall, shrinking by almost 10% in the last two years. Covid-19 is only adding to the challenges. In March of 2021 starving Himba tribespeople people started arriving out of the Kalahari desert seeking care in Namibia. We are providing life-saving nutrition and medical support to these people.

Bangladesh Ministry Advancement

Your gift today will build the church by training and equipping Christian leaders to bring hope and transformation to their communities. Key programs include: support for evangelists, support for vulnerable children, unreached people group church planting projects, 'barefoot preacher' training, and our "Adopt A Village" program that supports couples who are bi-vocational church planters and community developers. The work now has 683 churches and house fellowships with 95 new vibrant communities of faith established over 12 months.