Bhim Lal and Kalpana Tamang

Fostering unreached people group movements

Bhim Lal and Kalpana Tamang

Fostering unreached people group movements

Bhim Lal was born and raised in a Buddhist family. Following common Nepalese beliefs he would sleep with a Bible under his pillow to protect him from evil spirits. Through a series of trials, Bhim Lal found Christ. This resulted in intense persecution for his entire family. Although he experienced persecution that did not deter him from living for and serving God. Now Bhim Lal and his wife, Kalpana have a strategy to reach the many people groups in Nepal with the Good News of Jesus. His team is equipped with community development skills to bring transformation to the impoverished communities they serve. Key programs include support for widows, anti-trafficking efforts, economic empowerment, care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Partnership Focus

Our partner in Nepal serves unreached people groups across Nepal, meeting the holistic needs of their communities. Their initiatives target vulnerable people, namely impoverished families, at-risk and abandoned children and youth, and destitute widows.

We are excited for all the possibilities in Nepal through local partnership!

Featured Projects

Afghanistan Relief

On August 15, the Taliban took control of the capital city of Kabul. Our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are in turmoil and the people there are struggling and living in fear. Our local partner is currently responding to the need the best they can but need help.

Please consider giving a gift today to help provide relief for 100 families with the gift of food, clean water and basic necessities:

$300 will help provide for one family for one month
$10 will help a family for one day

Bangladesh Ministry Advancement

Bangladesh is a developing nation, ranked as the most densely populated country in the world. In recent years, development efforts have made significant strides in the area of poverty alleviation. However, one in every four people still live in poverty, and natural disasters leave more than 1 million homeless each year.

Our work alongside our local partner is committed to planting churches that serve tribal groups as well as Hindu and Muslim communities in Bangladesh. To accomplish the great commission and establish healthy churches, many village pastors and evangelists receive training for ministry and church planting in rural areas across the country. The next generation of church leaders is also being developed through intentional youth discipleship training and in the Children’s Home ministry. Despite religious tension,our holistic approach has been effectively serving the people of Bangladesh, bringing hope to many.

Join us in partnership in Bangladesh to empower Bengali communities and build the church in this region.